Reading Camp - Check Back for Dates - All levels ~ all ages

Sound familiar?

  • I don’t know why my child struggles.
  • Mom, reading is boring.
  • She’d rather be out of her seat and moving.
  • He reads the words, but comprehension is awful.
  • He gets phonics on a worksheet, but doesn’t transfer that knowledge when reading.

Where is camp?

To be determined.

Why Camp?

Summer will be ending and thoughts of the new school year crowd into our summer mindset.  Reading Camp is a perfect transition for students as they anticipate the coming school year.  For those that struggle with reading, Reading Camp is an enjoyable way for students to develop fresh strategies for tackling the printed word.

What is taught?

Focusing on key elements of reading development, instruction is activity based, multi-sensory and student friendly.  Students will not find a single worksheet or workbook used in any of their instruction.  

Students are guaranteed to have a fun week full of music, movement, and motivating teachers.  In this positive environment, instruction is sharply focused on comprehension, fluency, phonics, and phonemic awareness.  Research has established these as core components of reading mastery.

What about testing?

Our trained personnel are available to administer tests which will reveal your child’s strengths and weaknesses in the most critical areas of reading mastery.  Armed with these test results, you will be able to focus future instruction on those areas needing the most attention.


Participants are offered three options, briefly outlined below:

Camp instruction

A week filled with exciting activities  designed to target the five key elements of reading.

Camp instruction and testing

In addition to the reading camp activities, your child will be individually tested in the five key elements of reading to reveal their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Camp instruction, testing, and consultation

In addition to the activities and testing, a consultation will be provided to help you continue the work begun during camp.  You may choose between a group consultation or an individual consultation.

Qualified and trained personnel are used in all instruction and testing, with oversight provided by reading specialists, Dr. William Eckenwiler and Kristen Eckenwiler, M.Ed.


Your Camp Directors

Dr. William Eckenwiler earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Bowling Green State University.  He then moved to Richmond, Virginia where he taught fourth and sixth grade in the public schools.  After ten years of teaching young people, he went on to earn a doctorate degree in Reading Education from the University of Central Florida.  For the next two decades he taught reading instruction to future teachers at the collegiate level.

Kristen Eckenwiler graduated with honors from the University of Central Florida, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.  She has taught first-, second-, and fourth-graders in the Florida public schools.  Just prior to moving to North Carolina, Kristen earned her Masters degree in Reading.  Kristen has taught classes in Reading Education at the collegiate level, and stays very busy testing, tutoring, and collaborating with her husband as they provide a variety of products and services through their educational businesses, The Struggling Reader, and Covenant Education Services.